Executive Vice President of ARM, Tom Lantzsch in his recent interview to CNET, said that he has witnesses a considerable increase in the interest for 64-bit mobile processors, more specifically the 64 bit cortex A53 that is found to be getting much in demand by the device makers.

64 bit ARM processors

The chip design department at ARM was gone awestruck looking to the increase in demand . Here is a statement from one of the company’s executives “We’ve been surprised at the pace that 64-bit is now becoming mobile centric. Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Marvell are examples of public 64-bit disclosures. Even existing 32-bit code will run more efficiently on [ARM’s 64-bit] v8-A architecture than on native 32-bit ARM architecture” he added.

Tom Lantzsch believes that ARM with its partners will get ready by this Christmas to bring the 64 bit CPUs to the market. The sudden increase in the demand from device manufacturers have came as an after effect of Apple’s declaration of its 64 bit A7 chip. A 64 bit Exynos CPU is also believed to be in works, but official reports for the same are yet to be confirmed.