Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has sent out 12 members to an ITU(International Telecommunication Union) meeting in San Diego a few days ago. The agenda is to contribute to the process of defining 5G network and how it should work in the future. 5G network will go by the name of IMT-2020 which has the same naming convention as 3G network (IMT-2000) and 4G (IMT-Advanced). The official name however, will be approved at ITU’s Radio Assembly in Geneva in October.

The union is reported to agree that 5G network should be able to transmit data up to 20gbps with average of more than 100mbps to more than one millions of network devices within 1 square kilometer. This requirement is aligned with the Internet of Things concept. With this kind of speed, there should not be any issue with video content services including the ones which use holographic technology.

The union also decided that 5G network should be ready for commercial purposes by 2020 worldwide.  5G network is planned to be showcased in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games as it is an international event. It is reported that KT telecom is chosen to showcase this technology among other local telecom companies which is also developing 5G network.

For the international spectrum distribution, the union plans to start it in 2019. The Korean ministry said that it will do its best to take the leading role in the spectrum distribution in the upcoming global telecommunication meetings which will be held in July and November.