Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks that allows us to easily connect with our family and friends residing in any part of the world. We can share status updates, photos and videos as well as comment on their posts and chat with them.

However, there is a lot more to Facebook than doing just that. Here are 5 Facebook features that might interest you:

1. Facebook tells your friends your location

You can share so many things on Facebook with your friends – your news, events,thoughts, photos and videos. You can now also share your location using the ‘Nearby Friends’ feature. It is an Android and Facebook app that alerts you when any of your friends is nearby.

This app is presently available in select areas only and to check if ‘Nearby Friends’ is available in your area, you can open Facebook in your phone and click the icon having 3 horizontal lines present in top right corner in Android phone and bottom right corner in iPhone. Then select ‘Nearby Friends’ and then ‘Turn On’.

You can also choose who all can see your location. By default, only your friends can see it, not everyone. You can select a list like family or any list of friends you have created and only the people in that list will be able to see your location. You can also share your location temporarily with anyone you wish to. For this, go to Nearby Friends, find the friend you want on the list, click the arrow icon in front of their name and then choose how long you would like to share your location with them.

2. Facebook allows you to use emoticons and stickers

Facebook has hundreds of emoticons which you can send to friends via comments or chat. Apart from the usual smileys and hearts, these emoticons include emojis for so many other things like flowers, vehicles, professions, food, buildings, holidays etc.  Facebook has now added stickers too. If you want to send an emoticon or sticker to a friend, click the smiley in the comment or chat window. It will show you some default emoticons and stickers from which you can choose. If you want more options, there is a sticker store. To download more sticker packs, you can click the blue plus sign shown on the sticker window’s top right corner.

These smiley faces and emojis look cute but sometimes when you see a lot of them everywhere, they can be annoying. You can remove these stickers by using browser app ‘Unsticker Me’ for Firefox and Chrome. It will convert the sticker images to say [sticker].

3. Facebook tracks you but you can stop this tracking

Facebook shares your information with advertisers and marketers and in turn gets from them whatever information they have about you. This way, your detailed profile is built by them that includes your likes, dislikes, choices, browsing habits etc. and it helps them to target you with relevant ads. Advertisers are raking in millions this way.

You can escape from this tracking by opting out of the ad network. Facebook and several other companies have formed a Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). There is a tool available on the DAA website by which you can opt out of the advertising network. You can choose Facebook and/or other companies where you do not want to see targeted ads. You can even choose all the companies participating in the network.

4. Facebook allows you to check your privacy settings

Online privacy is extremely important and Facebook has introduced a Privacy Checkup tool for it. Many people don’t know about it but if you want to find it, click the ‘lock’ icon on top right corner and then click Privacy Checkup. You can now choose who can see your posts, your personal info and manage your installed apps.

5. Facebook spills your secret

When you open a Facebook message, you will notice a text saying ‘seen at’. It tells the sender that the recipient has seen the message and when they have seen it. If you don’t respond immediately to it, it might cause a misunderstanding because the sender might think you are ignoring them.

Chrome browser has an extension ‘Facebook Unseen’ by which Facebook will not know when you have seen the message. For Android and iOS, Privy Chat or Unread could be used.