Tomorrow the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 is likely to break covers as the device is expected to go official! Recent reports coming from the industry show that the 5.5” model of iPhone 6 would be running iOS 8 on-board that would be optimized with landscape apps. With the help of Apple SDK iOS simulator, developer Steven Troughten Smith has managed to run those apps at 414 pixels x 736 points and have shared some of the screenshots for the same.

It can be seen that the 5.5” model of iPhone 6 will make optimum utilization of its screen size delivering an more effective app layout when used in landscape mode. The dual-pane interface is quite similar to the iOS appearance on iPad. Back in June at the WWDC 2014, Apple also talked about a feature called as Adaptive UI. Yesterday, we saw a couple of images and videos showing a fully working iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 landscape apps 2


The 5.5” iPhone 6 model is expected to be arriving later this year and would have more powerful specs compared to the 4.7” model. The 5.5” model is also rumored to a different touch module. Earlier there have been many rumors for the 5.5” model of iPhone 6 to have a sapphire display while the 4.7” model will not have such. Tomorrow, Apple is holding a press event where we expect the 4.7” model to go official while the 5.5” model would be announced later in December.