There is no doubt that iPhone 6 will be available in two different models and sizes of display including 4.7-inch iPhone and another is 5.5-inch iPhone. Till now, the leaks and rumors have lighted to this new part of the Apple brand. However, these two different sizes of iPhone 6 are not officially announced yet!

.5” Image Leak iPhone 6 Display Component 1

Image leak iPhone 6 display components are showing in the picture holding a ruler over the device. The ruler shows that the display component is about 14cm that is nearly 5.5-inch. But, we have not got any other pictures of this new rumor or info of specification.

.5” Image Leak iPhone 6 Display Component 2


The new iPhone 6 will be having two different sizes, colors and designs with aluminum body from the Apple. However, the exact specification of iPhone 6 is still a mystery will be revealed soon by the officials.