LG is going to announce new G Watch R2 which supports 4G network, according to the Business Korea. This high-tech advantage wearable device will introduce faster network system with large data transfer rate.

However, G Watch R2 is not completely a new device from LG. in fact, this is the revision wearable device of G Watch R with 4G network and some upgraded features.

There is no news about other amazing features of the new wearable smartphone. However, we can only confirm the 4G/LTE connectivity in this device. The existing G Watch R device comes with the features of Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G technologies but no call offering options. Samsung Gear S is the finest wearable which can be a competitor of G Watch R2.

Samsung is also planning to launch same type of 4G-ennabled smart watch and will compete with the Korean brand and Apple’s upcoming smartwatch. We are hoping to get maximum technology inside of the tiny watches of Apple, Samsung and LG.