Would you ever believe that there will be things greater than the Internet? To us now, it is everything. Apparently, DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the very same organization which funded the Internet project 40 years ago, is on a venture that can possibly outdo the Internet.

4 DARPA Projects that Can Be Greater than the Internet

Atomic GPS

DARPA does not plan on replacing GPS or Global Positioning System but rather funding a research to use atomic physics for such function. We all know GPS satellite is a very expensive device which is why the Air Force reduced the acquisition of GPS satellite although it is useful in the military. With DARPA’s ongoing project, cheaper devices in obtaining geo-location are possible to exist in the future.

Terehertz Frequency Electronics and Meta-materials

Terehertz range is the area of electromagnetic spectrum found between microwave. And if DARPA will be successful on this project, it can afford to introduce devices that do not struggle to get spectrum access from one another.

A Virus Shield for the Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ pertains to the physical and digital interconnection. But with the lack of sufficient security it will never reach its highest potential. Here comes the significance of DARPA’s virus shield for the Internet of Things.

Rapid Threat Assessment

Rapid Threat Assessment (RTA) is a program which aims to speed up the process of knowing how diseases kill humans. Instead of years, DARPA’s RTA can decode things in a matter of 30 days. Imagine how many lives that would save!

There you have it! Are you convinced that these DARPA projects can be greater than the Internet?