Amazon is offering free 30 days trial of Fire TV for the customers because of having huge sales of the first batch. The retailers have just need only few hours to sell all the initial batch of the Fate TV home media console. For that reason, Amazon has decided to go with free of charge for a month to the customers in order to get more customers from the market.

This offer means you can use the Fire TV for 30 days trial and the Amazon will return the media console from you after 30 days. But, you must be an official user and customer of the Amazon in order to get the offer. Before applying for the 30 day free trial of Fire TV, you need to register on the Amazon.

30 Day Free Trial of Fire TV by Amazon 1


Like Apple TV and Roku, Amazon is going to give you lot of entertaining sources to enjoy your time and it can return good revenue from the sources. Amazon is going to have good trial version to the customers in order to give them the wonderful feature and attract. This Fire TV normally costs only $99 from Amazon and this trial basis will give you a good market to Amazon too!

Don’t you know how you will get the info of getting into the trial basis of Fire TV? Then, don’t worry because Amazon can use letters or mail in order to give you a promotional video as well as features that you can watch and decide.