We knew all about the Galaxy S5’s heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, but part of the pleasure, or fun, of owning a high-end smartphone is finding out all of the little things that it can do.However, in a post on its blog, the Samsung highlighted 10 hidden features Galaxy S5 buyers should be aware of. Grab your Galaxy S5 and get ready to dive in:

Private Mode


For whatever reason, you want to keep multimedia files in a place where you –and only you — can see them. The Galaxy S5’s new Private Mode gives you an easy way to do this. Once you turn it on in the Settings menu (or quick settings pull-down), you can select any photos, videos, document, or voice file and select the menu choice Move to Private. While in Private Mode, you’ll be able to see any content in separate folders, and can see an overview in the Private folder stored in My Files.



With “Toolbox”, Galaxy S5 users will be able to bookmark favorite apps. Toolbox is actually a small widget that “opens and closes like a mini-folder or app-drawer,” and which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

You can write on it with a Pencil.

For those times where a finger just isn’t enough. On a more normal note, we’re glad it doesn’t require a capacitive stylus for pen input. How to do it: Settings, then Display, then enable the ‘Increase touch sensitivity’ feature.

Stock Music Player


Users will have to tilt the Galaxy S5 horizontally into landscape mode while listening to a song, at which point the Galaxy S5 will suggest additional tracks based on that song.

Kids Mode


It is a feature the company talked about during the announcement event, will turn the phone into a kid-friendly gadget with a “cute UX design,” which will only offer certain parent-controlled content.  You can even download new apps and have them show up as “gifts” on the Kid Mode home-screen so they’ll have a nice surprise waiting.

Enable camera from the lock-screen


The camera app of the Galaxy S5 can be accessed directly from the lock screen after simply setting it up in Settings and then Lock Screen.

Additional camera modes

Virtual tour, a panoramic-like photo mode lets you take a series of photos that can be presented as a digital tour for friends, family or clients later on, while shot and more gives you some post-snap effects to apply.

Priority Senders


You can select the top 25 people you want to connect with the most, and have their names and information displayed on top of the messaging app. Just go the messaging app, tap ‘+’ and add up to 25 contacts. And when you do call Ms. Doe, while talking with her, you can see the latest interactions you’ve had with her along with a list of her most recent Google+ posts.

Check Caller Information 


This feature shows details about the contact a user is talking on the phone with during the phone call.Go to Settings > Call and check the Show Caller Information box to see the last message you got from them, and any recent updates from them on Google+.

Call Notification Pop-ups 


This is probably the most useful of them all –there’s nothing worse than getting a call in the middle of a round of Quiz Up only for that annoying friend of yours to want to talk about absolutely nothing. The popup will let you answer (even in speaker mode, if you want) or decline the call without interrupting what you’re doing.

So there you have it, one hidden feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 for each finger on your hand.
Explore them and let us know how useful they are by dropping your comments in the box below.