It is going to be Valentine’s Day soon. In this entry, we are going to list down top 10 Apps for Couples.

  1. Simply Us


Simply Us apps allows couples to create private to-do lists, grocery lists or even small projects which is known only to them. It is free for iOS.

  1. Couple

Couple allows you to make phone calls or facetime, exchange texts, express your mood or feelings using video, audio, doodles which can be set to disappear within a period of time. it is free for iOS and Android.

  1. TheIceBreak


TheIceBreak lists a number of questions which you can answer in private or in a community. On top of that, it also allows you to capture today’s moment. It is priced at $1.99 in iOS.

  1. WhereAreYou

WhereAreYou apps allows you to send texts to your partner’s phone to ask permission about his current location temporarily in case if you and your partner was separated while on the way. The good thing is that the app does not need to be installed in his device. It is free for iOS and Android.

  1. Between


Between allows couple to create a couple space where you can exchange and store photos , voice messages, cute stickers and animated emoticons. The app claims to be another best app for couple since it reaches 1 million downloads just within a year after launching. It is free for iOS and Android.

  1. You&Me


You&Me has standard feature like text exchange, photo and video memos to more unique feature like sharing songs, photobooth whereby you can shoot four window, broadwalk-esque styled pic together among other features. It is free for iOS.

  1. Sesame

Sesame apps allows couple to send gifts right on the go. Prices start from $20 a box including delivery. It is free for iOS and Android.

  1. Dirty Games Truth or Dare

Dirty Games Truth & Dare allows couples to play a truth or dare games. Couples can choose whether they want to answer a question by choosing truth or doing things by choosing dare. It is a great apps to liven up a party. It is free for iOS.

  1. Fix a Fight

Fix a Fight apps gives suggestion to couple who had just have an argument on how to make up and how to express your feelings and initiate discussion without having both of you to get into a fight in the first place. It is priced at $4.99 for iOS.

  1. Foodie

Foodie is an apps to lists down all the recipes which couples can try during their off day. If it is failed then it also can tell couples on alternative places to dine out. It is free for Android.