A new wireless media hard drive is designed by joint-work of Seagate and Samsung Company that is operating by Android OS. Now, store your media contents like movies, mp3 songs and photos in this media player and join this with your PC or mobile anytime.

This Samsung wireless media drive is powered by Android 2.3 OS that give you offer to connect with your Android Smartphone very easily to stream the media files too. Also, Windows or OS X computers are able to stream those media files from this media drive very easily.

You will have plenty of spaces for your media files because of 1.5TB hard drive that allows you store a lot! Moreover, you will able to store 425,000 photos, 375,000 MP3 songs and 750 HD quality movies very easily. In addition, you can share and store countless documents and MS Office files in the hard drive.

Samsung Wireless Media Drive sample 1

This Samsung wireless media drive can be connected with 5 Smartphone or devices at a time by using the Wi-Fi connection. As a result, keep this in any Wi-Fi connection zone and you will have good streaming with full speed.

In order to ensure good speed of data streaming, you will have USB v-3.0 port that will give you easy to transfer content from media drive to mobile or PC. Moreover, the built-in battery feature can also charge your Smartphones if you join it with the Wireless Media Drive.

Samsung wireless media drive is now available on the retailers store at only $179.