Good news for smartphone users as GM plans to bring wireless charging to its 2015 Cadillac ATS sport sedan and coupe launching this fall. Company may be going through a rough patch but it has not stopped it from planning for the future. This feature will give the consumers a hassle free charging experience.

“A recent survey from IHS revealed that 70 percent of consumers charge their mobile phone at least once per day, with 30 percent charging more than once,” said Ryan Sanderson, associate director, Power Supply & Storage Components at IHS Technology. He further added “This is driving demand for charging access in multiple locations throughout the day, something wireless charging can address in a more convenient way than the consumer having to carry one or more wired chargers around with them on a daily basis”. This shows people need to charge their phone frequently, and most of them do this while travelling in car. GM bringing PowerMats to charge phones without cords will be great feature for smartphone users. Below this the photo of PowerMat installed in the car.


This will be an addition to 4G LTE capability of Cadillac. According to Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine “Our integration into the Cadillac ATS is only the first step in the evolution of portable power in places that include your car, your coffee house and even your favorite sporting arena.”

Here is a video of wireless charging below.